Application Instructions

Please take time to read these instructions fully as they include specific information regarding the completion of the KPSAHS Application Packet. If you have questions not covered in the instructions, you can contact the Admissions Office by phone at (510) 231-5000 / 1-888-299-0077 for further clarification.


A. Application Packet Requirements

  • To maintain eligibility, applicants must submit a completed Application Packet by the Program's deadline. The Program's deadline is stated on the cover page of each application. Failure to meet a deadline will terminate applicant's eligibility. No exceptions will be made.
  • Each applicant must collect all required documents and submit them in the Application Packet. Completed application packets include the following:

1. Current application (Form A), completed and submitted by the specified deadline. Fill out the Application Form A completely, (pages 3-5). Document all prerequisite course requirements and all completed suggested/ recommended course work (page 4). Document current employment, volunteer work, or other employment history (page 4). Do not submit a resume. Sign and date the application.

Online Applicants: Must submit pages 3-5 of the application with your reference letters and official transcripts. Please make sure that your full name is printed on the front of your reference letters and official transcripts before mailing or hand delivering to KPSAHS. Online process only generates your electronic record.

2. Form B captures demographic information and is provided by KPSAHS at the time an application is submitted.

3. Official sealed (unopened) transcripts must accompany the Application Packet. Transcripts can not be mailed in separately. Official transcripts verify completion of prerequisite course work. Any discrepancies between the information entered on the Application Form A and the transcript(s) will terminate applicant's eligibility.

  • College Transcripts: Obtain official transcript(s) from the college(s) you attended. KPSAHS will confirm the college(s) is/are regionally-accredited AND is USDE/CHEA (US Department of Education/Council for Higher Education)-recognized. These official transcripts of record MUST document completed prerequisite and suggested/recommended course work.
  • Foreign Transcripts: All foreign diplomas and documents must include an official notarized translation in English and be evaluated by a foreign transcript evaluating agency prior to submission. Foreign transcripts must be officially sealed and accompany the Application Packet. Please click HERE for detailed information.
  • Military Transcripts: All course work from the military must be documented on an official transcript(s) from the institution(s) providing the course(s), as some military transcripts do not provide the name of the institution, course name, number of units, or grades.
  • High School Transcripts, Adult School Transcripts, or Certificates of Completion are not accepted.

4. Two (2 only) currently dated Letters of Reference with original signatures. Letters of Reference must be included in the Application Packet, not mailed in separately. The letters should be from persons who can address your competencies, abilities, experience and character related to your academic, professional, and/or employment activities.

5. Application Handling Fee of $55.00 (non-refundable) must be paid by check or through PayPal. An application fee is required with each program application. The Radiography Day and Radiography Evening/Weekend Program are considered separate programs. Please click HERE for payment instructions and links to PayPal. All forms of payment are no longer accepted in person at KPSAHS.

B. Mailing Instructions

Deliver your completed Application Packet (either by mail or hand carried) to:

Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences
938 Marina Way South
Richmond, CA 94804

1. Mailed Application Packets must meet all requirements. KPSAHS will not assume responsibility for mailed applications.

2. Faxed/E-mailed applications are not accepted.

C. Prerequisite Course Requirements

Many colleges differ in terminology regarding course name and number; however, course descriptions and curriculum share similar components. The following information is provided to assist applicants in selecting college level courses that parallel KPSAHS prerequisites. Please consult your counselor at the college you attend to determine which courses meet KPSAHS prerequisites.

  1. Prerequisites must be completed and documented on an official sealed transcript prior to submitting the Application Packet.
  2. Prerequisite courses must be documented on transcript(s) with a grade of "C" or higher.
  3. All prerequisite courses must be college level and a minimum of 3 semester units or 4 quarter units.

Anatomy and Physiology with Lab (required for all Programs)

To fulfill the KPSAHS requirement, the Anatomy and Physiology prerequisite must have a lab and cover all major body systems. Anatomy and Physiology may be taken as a combined course with a lab or as separate courses with labs. Both courses must be completed to fulfill the requirement. Colleges may also offer A&P as three consecutive courses with labs. In this case all three courses with labs must be completed to fulfill the requirement.

College Algebra (or higher level course, i.e. Calculus, Statistics) (required for all Programs)

To fulfill the KPSAHS requirement, the College Algebra prerequisite must include the following mathematical components: the real numbering system, solving and graphing linear equations and inequalities, polynomials, exponents and radicals, quadratic equations; second-degree equations and inequalities, functions, conic sections, systems of equations, and exponential and logarithmic functions.

Written Communication (English Composition and Comprehension) (required for all Programs)

To fulfill the KPSAHS requirement, the Written Communication prerequisite must contain curriculum that involves intensive training in critical reading, expository and argumentative writing, and library research. Components such as effective writing, evaluation of written work, and methods of clearly communicating and supporting ideas in organized and coherent essays and/or research papers must be included. Additionally, the course must include reading and understanding extensive and difficult texts from diverse perspectives and developing a command of rhetorical strategies that enable presentation of ideas cogently and persuasively. This prerequisite relates to English courses that fulfill college level graduation requirements at the college you attend such as: English 1A; Freshman English; English Second Language (ESL); or equivalent.

Oral Communication (Verbal Communication, Fundamentals of Public Speech) (required for all Programs)

To fulfill the KPSAHS requirement, the Oral Communication prerequisite must contain the principles of good oral communication, with attention given to research and delivery techniques and critical evaluation of public communication. The course must address speaking formats such as informative, persuasive, impromptu and narrative presentations. The course must include techniques to assist proficiency in listening to and evaluating public speeches and developing a personal style of speaking in public. Examples of courses that fulfill the prerequisite are: Speech 120; Public Speaking; Speech 1A; Speech 300.

Introduction To Computers (or higher level computer course) (required for all Programs)

To fulfill the KPSAHS prerequisite, Introduction to Computers must include the fundamentals and structure of computers and computer systems. Additionally, this course must include applications of computer software (ex: word documents, spreadsheets, power point presentations).

General Physics (or higher level Physics course) (specific and required for Sonography and Nuclear Medicine Programs)

To fulfill the KPSAHS prerequisite General Physics must include components such as sound waves, heat, light, and motion. All components of the course, including lab (if offered) must be completed to fulfill the requirement. Your college may present the curriculum in more than one session. (i.e. two semesters). All sessions must be completed to fulfill the prerequisite.

Medical Terminology (required for Sonography and Nuclear Medicine Programs)

To fulfill the KPSAHS requirement, the Medical Terminology prerequisite must be solely dedicated to studying the linguistics of medical language. The course must study the basic structure of medical language and words including prefixes, suffixes, root words, combining forms, plurals, and abbreviations. This course must also include pronunciation, spelling and definitions of medical terms with emphasis on building a professional vocabulary required for working in the medical field.

General Chemistry with Lab (or higher level Chemistry course) (required for Nuclear Medicine Program)

To fulfill the KPSAHS prerequisite General Chemistry must present principles of General Chemistry for students studying science, engineering, or medical professions. Topics must include atomic structure and theory, the periodic table, bonding, gas laws, liquids and solids, oxidation-reduction, chemical equations, stoichiometry, matter and energy, solutions, ionization, thermochemistry and equilibrium concepts. Laboratory must include quantitative and qualitative experiments.

Human Biology (Biology related to the human body only; plant, animal, or marine Biology will not be accepted)

To fulfill the KPSAHS prerequisite Biology must be structured with emphasis on the human model and include the following components: general introduction to cell structure/cycle and function, basic concepts of living organisms, metabolism, human evolution, genetics, and human impact on the environment. Colleges may offer Biology as a separate course or as continuation courses (i.e. Bio 1A and Bio 1B). The appropriate lab for the course is also required. All components of the course including lab (if offered) must be completed to fulfill the requirement.

Humanities (required for Nuclear Medicine Program)

To fulfill the KPSAHS requirement, the Humanities prerequisite must examine the study of human culture. Humanities courses vary in scope and may include any of the following examples: Performing Arts, Theater, Art History, Ancient and modern Languages/Literature, Music and Musicology, Classics, Greek and Roman Civilization/Culture, Western Cultures and Global Studies and Art Appreciation. Additionally, courses listed as “arts/humanities” from your college catalog may also fulfill the prerequisite.

Social Sciences (required for Nuclear Medicine Program

To fulfill the KPSAHS requirement, the Social Science(s) prerequisite must focus on the academic disciplines concerned with society and human behavior. Courses can include any of the following: History, Political Sciences, Sociology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Criminology, Economics, Education, International Relations, Geography, Psychology, Area Studies, Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, Law and Linguistics. Additionally, courses listed as “social science(s)” from your college catalog may also fulfill the prerequisite.

D. Suggested/Recommended Courses

In addition to the above required prerequisite courses, there are also supplementary skills and knowledge which would be of benefit to a student. Therefore, applicants can further demonstrate their qualifications by listing on the application any college level coursework they have completed in the subject areas of suggested/recommended courses. These courses are listed separately on each application below the prerequisite courses (page 3).

  1. Suggested/Recommended courses must be a minimum of 3 semester units or 4 quarter units.
  2. Suggested/Recommended courses must be documented on transcript(s) with a grade of "C" or higher.
  3. Please do not include "in progress courses"

E. Evaluation of the Application Packet

KPSAHS will evaluate the Application Packets for all programs. Applicants who are selected for a panel interview will be contacted by phone for scheduling. Those not selected will be notified by mail. KPSAHS does not obligate itself to interview all applicants.

F. Mandatory Procedures for Accepted Applicants

Only those applicants who have been accepted into a Program are required to complete and pass a criminal background check and drug screening from a designated agency. These clearances are necessary in order for students to participate in the clinical education portion of their training and are required by the clinical affiliates and KPSAHS. Applicants are responsible for all fees associated with these procedures.

  • Background Check/Screening
    Conviction of a crime is not an automatic bar to admission to the program. All circumstances will be considered. However, failure to fully disclose is falsification and grounds for immediate cancellation of student eligibility. The background check will include the following areas:
    • Social Security Number Trace
    • County Court Criminal Conviction Search
    • National Sexual Offender Database Search
    • DHHS/OIC Cumulative Sanction/Excluded Parties List Search
    • GAS Excluded Party/Debarment List Search
  • Drug Screening
    KPSAHS is committed to take appropriate action designed to ensure a safe environment for students, employees, members, patients, clinical affiliates, and the community. Therefore, all prospective students must undergo and pass a drug screening in order to demonstrate the absence of illegal drugs or inappropriate use of legal drugs.
  • Pre-Admission Physical Examination
    A pre-admission physical examination is required for determining the candidate's ability to perform the duties of a healthcare provider. These physical/environmental requirements are specified on the KPSAHS website for each program. The pre-admission program examination includes a review of the candidate's communicable disease history, immunizations, and laboratory testing.

G. Certification Boards

All license and registry agencies have eligibility standards for their applicants that are independent of and may differ from Kaiser Permanente or KPSAHS. These standards address the question of an applicant's conviction of a felony or misdemeanor. KPSAHS assumes no responsibility for such eligibility standards. It is the applicant's/student's responsibility for ensuring their license / registry eligibility. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, contact:

  • Radiography Programs
    • American Registry of Radiologic Technologists: or
    • California Department of Public Health; Radiologic Health Branch:
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
    • American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers:
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board
    • Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board:

H. Registration Fee

Applicants that are accepted into a program are required to pay a non-refuncable Registration Fee upon enrollment

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